Our closing services will protect your pool from damage due to freezing water and keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Closing your swimming pool properly can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open the swimming pool for the summer as well as potential damage that could occur if closed incorrectly.

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Pool Closings Include:
  • Drain Pool four inches below the skimmer.
  • Remove water from all underground lines and plug to prevent water entry.
  • Winterize equipment pad.
  • Antifreeze added where necessary.
  • Install winter cover.

Hardware Removed: (where applicable). 
  • Diving board. 
  • Ladders
  • Eyeballs on returns
  • Underwater light 
Eyeballs and any small parts from the pool will be stored in the skimmer basket. Drain plugs from the equipment pad will be left in the pump basket. Larger items will be left off to the side on the pool deck. 

  • We do not vacuum the pool. If the pool is green or full of leaves we will continue with your scheduled pool closing unless cancelled 48 hours prior.
  • We do not empty auto puck feeders. Please plan ahead to ensure your chlorinator is empty for the winter. A puck feeder left full can cause extensive damage to the pool equipment.
  • Balance the pool chemistry. (Water chemistry is just as important for the winter season as it is for the swimming season)    Book Your ONSITE Water Balance Service Now 
  • Monitor your pool all winter (It is your responsibility to keep your winterized pool in good condition for the winter season.)    Winter Liner Care 
  • Clean Cartridge Filters. Book Your Cartridge Filter Cleaning Online now 

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