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The most beautiful hot tubs in the industry.

The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ includes the most dynamic designs you can find. The Signature series by Marquis® truly is unique in every way:

  • The wide variety of sizes and shapes
  • The organic, flowing design language within the acrylic shells
  • The engineered comfort and ergonomic 'fit' for a wide range of people and body types in the seating. You get the most distinctive impression whether you are soaking in them or viewing them from outside.
  • Marquis® hot tubs are unlike any box of hot water you will find with other brands.


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Vector 21



Marquis®’ new Vector21 hot tubs deliver a flow and force unlike any seen before in the galaxy of hot tubs: control and versatility unequaled in any other advanced system concept. Individual command and control, yet perfectly designed for transporting a full vessel of hot tub experiences. A new vessel to transport body, mind and soul at 104°. Behold, Vector21! 




Hot Tubs


Celebrity Elite hot tubs feature stainless steel jet faces for that bling, a larger 50 sq ft filter and energy-saving foam over plumbing insulation.  Optional features include in-line sanitation system for additional levels of water care treatment, plus full foam insulation keeps water warm and operating costs down. Want some drama? Enjoy a light show with multi-point LED Twilight lights. You can also get a great looking coordinated Elite step to dress up the whole look of your patio or deck.

The Broadway Elite or Hollywood Elite hot tub will perfectly suit your lifestyle with features and systems to make certain everything runs smoothly. But if you want to experience the ultimate in therapy and luxury, then an Elite version of the Hollywood or Broadway is your ticket to the red carpet! Seek out your inspiration for good, clean.




Celebrity Hot Tubs by Marquis

If your looking for a good hot tub at a low price then the celebrity series of spas may surprise you.

Quality built and designed to perform, your Celebrity Hot Tub® will play a leading role in your life, encore after encore. Relax with the soothing sounds of a sparkling, backlit waterfall. Listen to your favorite tunes on the optional Motown™ audio system that’s Bluetooth enabled. Experience the awe of optional Theatre™ LED lighting as it turns your environment into a virtual underwater aurora borealis.





environments for your spa life


Surround your Marquis hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia.

Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting quality of craftsmanship and durable materials, the Environments perfectly complement your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication to your environment.








features of a  Marquis Spa


Marquis® with MicroSilk®

Using a Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk® is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial, moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-bubbles literally envelope your body in a soothing, effervescent cloud of oxygen. Yes, oxygen is good for your skin. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration.

With real, tangible effects, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is the anti-aging treatment of choice for the modern, sophisticated woman or man. Instead of invasive medical procedures, your treatment happens as you soak away all the worries of the day in a luxurious Marquis hot tub with MicroSilk.

  • Increased skin metabolism
  • Enhanced skin cell growth
  • Deeper cleansing of the pores to remove impurities
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased hydration
  • Therapeutic levels of anions
  • Neutralization of free radicals
  • Relief from the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

SmartClean™ is the brain

SmartClean™ software knows when you have used the hot tub and automatically triggers a cleanup cycle after your soak – that's smart! Plus, you can adjust filtration cycles according to how often you use your spa or even if you are on vacation. You can also run it during off-peak hours to conserve energy costs. Marquis' Vortex skimmer system filters 100% of the water from the spa floor to surface 60 to 160 times a day depending on the spa model. This dramatically reduces the need for surface cleaning or vacuuming. Marquis' clean obsession pays off with lower maintenance and energy costs.

self-cleaning ConstantClean™

Marquis' ConstantClean water management system is like cruise control for your spa – You just set it and practically forget it for up to a month. Your hot tub is ready whenever you want to soak. First, Marquis' exclusive ozone system effectively destroys unwanted elements 3000 times faster than sanitizer alone. Second, the in-line sanitation system uses natural minerals and bromine cartridges to treat your water so it's safe and clean without unpleasant odors or skin irritation.

The Corona Discharge Ozonator's high-output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. The Mazzei® injector introduces the ozone to the water as it flows through the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.

the Marquis app gives you ultimate control

Set the mood of your Marquis hot tub by ensuring you have the right lighting, water temperature, and your massage pumps running just like you like, all from the convenience of your iPhone® / iPad® or Android® smart device. Remotely control the operations of your Marquis hot tub anywhere in your house that you can connect to your local Wi-Fi network, or anywhere in the world you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi hot spots or even peer to peer.

Marquis features for healthy living

  • High-flow, low pressure jets drive heat deep into my muscles without blasting me out of the hot tub bringing relief without pressure.
  • You can control the direction and intensity of the jets to focus on precise areas of need.
  • The footwell therapy system (including Geyser jets) takes on your aching feet and calves while a myriad of jets soothe your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and even my wrists.
  • Dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a relaxing soak massage.
  • HK™ 40 jets are clustered into High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones to provide concentrated, penetrating massage shoulders, lumbar, feet and pillar zones.
  • H.O.T. Zone pillar jets allow you to isolate areas of the body such as chest, arms and front of thighs to bring relief to those muscle groups.
  • River rock reflexology footwell naturally massages your feet.