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Water Balance

Water that is not in balance is doing one of two things; it is either corrosive (dissolving your pool) or it its scaling (depositing things like calcium). In a swimming pool we want the pool to be balanced.

When water is in Balance:

  •  Your  water is comfortable, protected and clear.
  • Your sanitizers and "shock products" work efficiently.
  • Your pool surfaces and equipment are protected



There are three factors that affect water balance:

1   Alkalinity

2   pH

3   Calcium Hardness


Alkalinity 100-150ppm

Balance Pak 100 (Total Alkalinity Increaser)
Stabilizes pH by balancing total alkalinity. Proper TA helps buffer pH to minimize the risks of corrosion, scale and soaker discomfort. When alkalinity (the amount of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in the water) is not in the proper range pH cannot be controlled or adjusted. This is called pH bounce.


pH 7.4-7.6

pH is the most critical factor. It is also the most sensitive, changing rapidly when bathers, products or other elements enter the water. When total alkalinity is in balance, it buffers the pH.

There are products we use in a swimming pool that are pH sensitive. The big one is Chlorine, it does not work properly in a high pH environment.

Balance Pak 200
Raises the pH (if it is below 7.4) and helps prevent corrosion.

Low n Slo
Lowers the pH (if it is above 7.6) and helps prevent the formation of calcium scale.



Calcium Hardness 175-225ppm

Water has a aggressive ability to dissolve calcium until it reaches 200 ppm. When water is below that range it is corrosive and looking for calcium. Around a pool it finds it in concrete. Maintaining a proper Calcium Hardness is essential in the overall balancing equation.

Balance Pak 300 (Calcium Hardness Increaser)
Raises calcium levels to prevent the corrosion that "soft" water can cause.


Water Balance is not something to worry about on a daily basis. Think of the 15 minute a week program and check your levels with a good test kit weekly. Remember Washington Pools will test you water for free