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The 3 Step Program

A swimming pool can be easy to maintain if you follow these 3 simple steps

Try our three step program for perfect water all the time

1 Sanitize

2 Oxidize

3 Prevent algae



There are lots of different ways to maintain a sanitizer level in your pool. Chlorine 1-3-ppm Bromine 3-5 ppm. Bromine and chlorine are very similar products so for simplicity sake, only chlorine will be mentioned. The easiest way is with chlorine pucks. Again there are lots of different kinds of pucks so ask our sales staff which is best for you.

 Chlorine pucks can either be fed thru a chemical feeder or placed in the Skimmer. BIOGUARD Smart Sticks are designed for skimmer application and only dissolve in running water which is great for people that turn their pumps of at night time.

 So it's easy, make sure your Auto Chlorinator is kept full, or a Smart Stick is in the skimmer. Check it once a week, just remember one thing, Chlorine Demand.

 Your Auto Chlorinator does not know if 50 kids were in the pool on Friday afternoon. It does not know that it rained for 5 days last week. It does not know about heat waves.

Always have another form of chlorine that can be added directly to your pool to help the chlorinator maintain the 1-3ppm in such high demand periods. BIOGUARD Power Clor is a safe convenient way to add chlorine to the pool. No pre-mixing required. It is the only chlorine product that is safe to add directly thru the skimmer.

If your pool has 0 ppm of chlorine it will be will be cloudy in 24 hours. Algae is not far behind.


Oxidize (shock)

Oxidize your pool every two weeks or every week in high demand periods

There are two ways to Shock your pool.

1   Chlorine shock

2   Non Chlorine shock

Chlorine Shock Try to remember that a chlorine product is not shock, but you can shock with it. Shocking with chlorine means adding enough product to the pool to raise the level to 10 ppm. This is called super chlorination. If you only raise the level to 9ppm you did not shock it you just added chlorine. Raising the chlorine levels to 10 ppm will remove all the combined chlorine in the pool. No one can swim in it for 24 hours but the shock was successful. Chlorine shocking should only be done at night and any covers you use should remain off the pool until the chlorine levels come down.


Non Chlorine Shock (Washington Pools recommended) Non sanitizing shocks are an effective oxidizer and can be used to off gas combined chlorine in a swimming pool. Biogaurd Smart Shock is a safe product that is easily transported and can be added directly to the pool without mixing. Swimming is permitted 15 minutes after application. It can be applied at any time of day.


Oxidizing your pool should be done every two weeks or weekly in high demand periods. We recommend having both types of shock on hand because a chlorine shock is a great problem solver. Decide which shock to use on your day of your shock.



Prevent Algae

Algae are not something we want to see in a swimming pool. It can be costly and time consuming to remove. At Washington Pools we believe in controlling algae before it arrives. Bioguard Banish will keep algae from growing in a swimming pool. Simply add the proper initial dosage and follow up with weekly maintenance dosages.



Follow these three steps, keep the pool vacuumed and brushed, and maintain proper

Water Balance and your pool will be clean, algae free and a Simple Pleasure.